List all papersHow to encapsulate software (Part 1)
L2 potential coupling
Configuration efficiency
Efficiency survey
The transformation equations
A format for exercises
The anomalous minimised configuration
Radial encapsulation
Radial encapsulation: uniformly violational radial branch
Radial encapsulation: uniformly hidden radial branch
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Encapsulation theory.

The study of the potential coupling of encapsulated sets.

How to encapsulate software (Part 1).
A brief overview of encapsulation theory, explaining its premises and goals.
Encapsulation theory fundamentals.
A detailed exploration of the concepts and conclusions of encapsulation theory.
Encapsulation theory: L3 potential coupling.
An investigation into potential coupling of all lengths.
Encapsulation theory: the isoledensal configuration efficiency limit.
A short paper deriving an equation that describes how the configuration efficiency scales to indefinitely large software systems.
The isoledensal configuration efficiency survey.
A survey listing the configuration efficiency of a sample of open-source programs.
Encapsulation theory: the transformation equations of absolute information hiding.
An investigation into the equations that govern how a set evolves as elements are added to it.
Encapsulation theory: a format for exercises.
A short paper that develops no new theory as such but describes a loose format in which potential coupling problems can be consistently presented.
Encapsulation theory: the anomalous minimised configuration.
An investigation into the phenomenon of the anomalous minimised configuration.