A quick name-change.

Just a quick note. There's been a name change here on the site, relating to two properties often investigated.

These properties are the impact set and the impacted set.

What used to be called the impact set is now called the the impacted set, and what used to be called the the impacted set is now called the impact set.

It just feels ... more logical. The original naming was a mistake.

Impacted set is now the set of all methods that depend directly or indirectly on a method (that is, they are potentially impacted when the method changes). Impact set is now the set of all methods that a given method directly or indirectly depends on. See figure 1 below.

Figure: Impacted set versus impact set

Figure 1: Left: all methods. Middle: Impacted set of a selected method. Right: Impact set of that same selected method.

This change has been applied retroactively here on the site, so the new naming is consistent even across older posts, but, alas, if you read those old posts on DZone or Java Code Geeks or any other website, then much confusion may result.

Apologies for the inconvenience.